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Friday, November 24, 2006 Provides Consumers 2.2 Million Searchable Listings

Delta Media Group builds largest independent property search in U.S.

Delta Media Group, the nation's leading real estate Web solutions developer, has announced at this year's NAR Conference the release of their national IDX property search engine,

With over 2.2 million listings, has become the largest independent property search engine in the nation.

Consumers can visit to search listings nationwide through user-friendly characteristics and interactive property search mapping. Delta Media Group directs leads generated from into the lead management system of Delta Media Group customers free of charge. The system rotates through customers who work from the same MLS.

"We built as an added free service to our customers because our goal is to combat predatory Web sites charging enormous referral fees for leads," Delta Media Group president Mike Minard said. "That's why we're offering as the first of multiple Web sites put together by Delta Media Group to drive free leads to our customers." has long served as a portal to display Delta Media Group customers' listings. But in November, began to display all the IDX listings of the MLS's Delta Media Group works with. At launch, this provided over 2.2 million searchable listings, a number that will continue to grow on the search engine.

" is a user-friendly search tool for consumers and a profitable network for real estate brokerages and agents," Minard said. " provides our customers with a national IDX property search - something that is becoming a rare commodity product in the real estate industry-while providing brokers and agents a national referral network and avenue to increase listing exposure."

Brokerages and agents using Delta Media Group as their Web provider have long had the privilege of displaying their properties on, and on other Delta Media Group customers' Web sites through Delta Media Group's national property search. Over 35 percent of all property searches performed monthly on Delta Media Group-built Web sites are performed on the national property search.

"Our national property search is an extremely beneficial tool to our customers because it gives their listings exposure they would have otherwise never received," Minard said. "But it also opens the door for another avenue of business that Delta Media Group allows customers to capture-referral fees."

Some companies using Delta Media Group as their Web site provider are seeing more than 20 percent of their closed transactions from their Web site, Minard said.

"Most companies probably won't get 35 percent of their leads or sales from a national property search network because the majority of consumers are searching for properties local to their agent or brokerage," he said. "But when over 35 percent of our customers' property searches are performed on our national network, it proves that Delta Media Group is opening a marketing door in the real estate industry that would be otherwise impossible for agents and brokerages to attain."

The high volume of national property searches does not take away from local business, as companies typically see a higher volume of Web-based business than ever before, Minard noted.

"Delta Media Group's national property search is bringing in business that agents currently do not capture," Minard said. "This serves as a bonus to the agent, as the customer looking to purchase a vacation home elsewhere could keep working with their local agent to perform the transaction, instead of Googling an agent they've never met or taking an additional trip just to find the right real estate agent when you have a great one near home." allows consumers to instantly find all listings in an area, then search by state and county maps, or use an interactive property search map to narrow into a specific area and view the available listings mapped out in that area.

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