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Friday, February 2, 2007

Consumer Empowerment the Real Estate Key in 2007

As the Internet gives consumers more avenues to do their homework, brokerages and agents can cater to the trend

With each new year comes a new trend in the real estate industry. In 2006 the industry saw the rapid development of consumer-geared real estate tools like blogs and national IDX search engines like

As more generations use the Internet as the source of their research, and more consumers see the real estate industry as an investment opportunity, Delta Media Group is helping empower consumers with their real estate sales and investments.

Delta Media Group, the nation's leading real estate Web site and lead management systems developer, built Seller Reports as a tool to cater directly to consumers.

Seller Reports are available for each agent listing and, when turned on, automatically E-mail the listing customer the statistical results the listing has received on the agent or brokerage's Web site.

Seller Reports are easy for a brokerage or agent: simply turn it on, pick what day of the week the report will be generated, and let the system do the work! The customer will receive the reports weekly via E-mail, branded by the listing agent. The reports are beneficial for customers who eagerly anticipate the interest generated in their house, the amount of times it was shown, and use these categories to gauge things like if their price is right, or if they should add more photos or a virtual tour to the home to boost interest.

Delta Media Group is the first Web site developer to start the new year by catering to consumer empowerment. As the Internet has helped consumers conduct their own research without the help of a Realtor, Delta Media Group is helping Realtors empower what consumers are most interested in.

In November, Delta Media Group released, a national IDX search engine with over 2.2 millions listings. gives listings greater national exposure, and gives Delta Media Group customers a source to receive free Internet-generated leads from.

Mid-way through 2006, Delta Media Group boosted listing exposure even more by building feeds to automatically send brokerage and agent listings to national property search engines Trulia and Google Base. Trulia and Google Base are consumer-driven national property search engines that empower consumers to search for homes in their market or nationwide and further research factors important to consumers in purchasing a home.

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