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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mobile Technology a Win-Win for Brokerages

Agents, customers prospering from mobile-enabled website, lead management systems

With the release of the iPhone has come the spotlight on the next generation of real estate home buyers - those searching for listings and information from their mobile phones.

While mobile phones might have an Internet browser that runs fractions of the speed of a computer, they allow customers to quickly access listing information from work, or while passing a "For Sale" sign in the yard of a house.

Every day, more companies are surfacing to develop technology so agent listings are viewable on mobile phones.

Delta Media Group has taken this a step further, building this service into their nation-leading real estate website and lead management systems free of charge, allowing customers to access sites via cell phone, and agents and brokerages to save the money and hassle of purchasing additional technology at a premium to cater to this demand.

All Delta Media Group websites are accessible via mobile cell phone browsers, allowing customers to search for properties from their cell phones, and agents to follow leads on theirs.

Customers can access Delta Media Group-built real estate websites, conduct detailed home searches, view high-res listing details and photos, review neighborhood and school information, and even submit leads to brokerage and agent websites directly from their cell phone.

Delta Media Group's nation-leading DeltaNet back-end lead management system is the most robust in the industry, allowing agents to follow their detailed leads and contacts database, the specs on listings that customers view and save, extensive property and website optimization, comprehensive stats and reports, customizable marketing materials, and more.

This entire system is accessible to brokers and agents via their cell phone browser, so agents never miss a customer. Lead notifications are instantly text messaged to agents, allowing them to respond to and capture potential customers in seconds, even while driving, or at a meeting or showing.

Delta Media Group's mobile browser has helped tens of thousands of agents produce the fastest response times and highest leads-to-closed sales ratios in the industry.

As the real estate market continues to grow more competitive and technological, Delta Media Group makes sure agents and brokerages have the competitive edge in the industry, with the fastest mobile real estate technology available.

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