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Friday, December 21, 2007

Video Trains the Internet Star

December 21, 2007

When the real estate market drops, brokerages are often forced to cut essential programs to balance their budget. Among these is training-the key to helping spawn an increase in real estate sales.

Real estate technology leader Delta Media Group is proactively helping brokerages provide these vital elements of their business by offering free training videos to subscribers.

Delta Media Group, a leader in real estate Web sites and lead management, now has a full-time video editor on staff, who will create video platforms dedicated to helping brokerages and agents maximize their online business and better position themselves in an increasingly competitive online real estate marketplace. Soon, Delta Media Group customers will be able to access training videos anywhere by logging in to their DeltaNet back office system.

"When the market turns, training is what drives sales. Unfortunately, that is one of the first budget cuts brokerages make," Delta Media Group president Mike Minard said.

"A Web site is like any tool--it must be proactively used and implemented in order to achieve the desired results, like increased sales and listings. Training is the only way this can be accomplished."

Adding a videographer is one of many steps Delta Media Group has recently taken to accommodate their growth. The Canton, Ohio based firm broke ground last week on a new 30,000 square foot headquarters that will house their corporate offices, as well as one of the state's largest and most advanced data hosting centers.

"Delta Media Group has continued to grow despite the current real estate market, and we are taking several steps to help our customers do the same," Minard said.

Delta Media Group builds real estate Web sites for over 275 brokerages and 30,000 agents across the nation. Since 1994 Delta Media Group has helped brokerages profit online.

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