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Friday, June 20, 2008

Markets Served

Today we posted a change to our system to help clarify how our system works. Under the Preferences Tab in the Administrative Section there is a Tab titled "Markets Served." This tab is used to power our Web Site.

When a visitor comes to and does a property search we direct that customer to one of our web sites. To determine which web site to send the visitor to for the search we use this "Markets Served" information.

The "Markets Served" information is generated based on the current listings your company has, weighed against the listings in our system. I guess this is to say that if you have one listing in a market we don't guarantee that you will get any traffic for that market.

In the past it appeared that you were able to edit this information. We have changed the verbiage in this section and changed the check-boxes to provide you with the information for informational purposes only. You are not able to update this information manually.
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