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Thursday, June 5, 2008

DMG's New Open House System V3

Delta Media Group's Open House V2 has been upgraded to Version 3. Currently only three real estate companies are running the new V3 system on their real estate websites. Many brokerages are running V2, and even V1. That will begin to change over time.

New features in the Open House V3 system include:
  • New filter interface
  • Dramatic speed improvements
  • Pagination
  • Ability to indicate "first time" open houses. (Additional updates are planned, making this more customizable.)
  • Both "first time" open and custom fields are searchable if the company allows it.
  • Agents can tag a custom field if the company enables the functionality.
In a few days, brokerages will be able to enable V3 of the open house system through the DeltaNet. Contact Delta Media Group for more information.
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