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Monday, June 23, 2008

Update to Open House System

Delta Media Group has updated its Open House System V3 with new functionality.

The new feature on the Open House system is the ability for the real estate company to select how many weeks of open houses to show to the consumer on the public side of the real estate website. Delta Media Group set the default at one week, but the DeltaNet allows the company to select up to six weeks. The setting can be found (along with other Version 3 settings) under 'Admin' - 'Open Houses' - 'Open House Preferences.'

Just to bring everyone up to date on the different versions of Delta Media Group's Open House system:

Version 1 is the version that most companies are on. This version supported CSV uploads and the open houses were handled on the admin side of the DeltaNet Real Estate Lead Management system.

Version 2 features admin and agent interfaces to add open houses. The CSV entry method was removed since the agents have the ability to enter the open houses. This version also brought about the search and filter capabilities as a standard feature.

Version 3 currently has just a few real estate companies on it. This version is built on top of the Version 2 structure but has IDX capabilities, pagination and is faster. Eventually, all real estate companies will be transitioned to this version.

Version 3 also features auto-tagging of first time open houses (opens that have not been in the system before), and there is a custom field from which the real estate company can define and tag the open houses. This was a feature that was requested by a customer and was implemented in a way to make it usable by any companies on this version. The company requesting this feature wanted a 'Price Reduced' tag, so the title held for their custom tag.

The company has full control over if both filters (first opens and custom) are available to the agent to select and customers to select. Read more about the Open House V3 system Delta Media Group released a few weeks ago.

For any company wanting to move to Version 3 of the open house system, we are planning on putting an interface in the DeltaNet that will allow the company to make the move themselves. The biggest stipulation with moving up from Version 1 is the fact that if there are already open houses in the system, they WILL NOT transfer over to Version 3. We will not offer Version 2 as an option since Version 3 was built on Version 2's foundation. For now, if you would like your company moved to the new version please submit a ticket to Customer Service.
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