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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Updates to CRM System

Today, we have released four new major updates to our CRM System. These updates are the first of many over the new couple months.

Released today is the ability to have contacts auto import from your web site leads, notification of changes since your last login, more drip marketing campaign features, and the ability to see full email history. These new features greatly expand the functionality of the CRM System and they are outlined in detail below.

Item #1 - Auto Contact Import
The system will now auto import new contacts on a set schedule (6 a.m. Eastern Time) for agents and the company admin. This feature will only work if the agent or company admin has the system preferences selected to auto import under the Preferences section of the Contacts block. Previously, the new contacts were only imported when the agent or company admin clicks on the CRM tab under Leads and Contacts.

The group settings in Preferences will also be followed when the auto import runs. The biggest benefit for having the system auto import the new contacts on a daily schedule is so that the contacts will be added automatically to any campaigns that might be setup for the group(s) that the contacts are being added to.

If the auto import feature is not turned on for the agent or the company, the old interface to allow manual import will still be available under the Email Blast section.

Item #2 - System changes since last login
This change goes along with the upgrade made in Item #1. If the auto import feature is running for an agent or company the CRM system will display a notification letting the user know of any auto imports that have been made since their last login.

The notice will be prominently displayed on the Home - Welcome screen for agents and the Admin Home screen for admins logging in for the company. The “Click here to Show Contacts” link will display the names of the contacts that were automatically imported. The notice will also display any email activity from the drip marketing system. Note: The system considers the “last login” as the last time that the agent or admin clicked on the CRM tab and not the last time that the agent or admin logged into the DeltaNet.

Item #3 - Add campaigns to drip marketing
Campaigns are now structured to allow company level control. The company can create a campaign that the agents can copy, alter, and use. The agents can also use the company campaigns without having to copy them. This brings a level of control that did not exist and many have asked for in the CRM system. All the agent need to do is to press “copy” and follow a couple of screens to copy the campaign from the company. Delta will be working on some Delta Media Group campaigns that the company and the agents can copy and use.

Item #4 - Email history
History has now been added to the CRM system to track all sent drip emails and email blasts. Email blast history was originally available under the Email Blast section but has been upgraded and combined into the new Email History section to give an uniform interface experience. Clicking on each line in the history, a copy of the sent message or recipient will be displayed depending on which section is being expanded. This will allow easy tracking of what the system or the agent is doing for marketing.
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