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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Upgrades to Customer List Export

We have posted another update to our DeltaNet System. This time we have upgraded the Customer List Export System in the Leads & Contacts System. With the new upgrades it is easier to export exactly what you want to export removing the need to do a full export and then filter your data with another program.

As we continue to push our Leads & Contacts System development forward we are striving to provide tools that help our Companies and Agents do more business with less effort. This is especially important in the current times where business is so critical and a larger percentage of business is coming from The Internet.

To use the new export feature the Administrator would go the Leads & Contacts System, click on the Tools tab and click on Customer List - CSV export. The new window that is opened contains form fields which allow the Administrator to filter which contacts they want to select. Once they filter the contacts (by agent, date range, first name, last name) they can then select all or part of the search results for export into a CSV file.
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