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Monday, August 18, 2008

CRM Phase 2 Programming Updates

With the ongoing updates to our CRM System we have posted five new features to our CRM System this week. These features further bolster the current functionality in our CRM System making it more useful to agents in their daily business activities. Below is a list of updates that have been posted along with a description of the functionality that was added.

Extended Error Checking
Auto import, manual import, and manual entry of contacts now has further checks for valid formatting of email addresses prior to importing them. This helps to save you time and saves on our system resources due to badly formatted email addresses.

Email Drafts
Agents and Company Administrators now have the ability to store draft emails that they are working on. This enables them to re-use drafts or work with them over time. I’m sure you have found yourself working on something with the need to come back and finish it later. This feature gives you this functionality now!

Email Attachments in Email Blasts
Agents and Company Administrators are now able to add up to three attachment files to email blasts totaling up to 10MB. This feature gives the ability to add attachments such as market reports, flyers, etc. to all email blasts. Email attachments are also supported in the Email Drafts functionality that has been added.

Email Blast Templates
Agents and Company Administrators can now create email blast templates. Just like the Campaigns in the Drip Marketing System, Companies can make email blast templates that are also available for use by the Agents. This will give you the ability to brand your email blasts on a consistent basis.

Extended Functionality in Manual Importing of Customers from Web
In the past, when importing customers from the web sites Agents could only import all customers into one group. Agents now have the ability to review all customers being imported and to select which groups they are imported to.
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