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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Home Finder Upgrades

My Home Finder, a popular Delta Media Group System feature since 2001 that sends out new listing notifications to customers, matching their search criteria to new listings has undergone another upgrade. This time we have added functionality that will tell customers how many new listings we have matched if there are more than 20 matching new listings. Prior to this upgrade we limited the matching results to 20 listings, as we still do, but we did not tell the customer how many new listings actually matched their criteria.

As of today, recipients of My Home Finder emails that match more than 20 new listings will see the following message where 'X' is the actual number of matching listings:

There are X new listings that match your saved search. Below you will find 20 of these new listings. To view all new listings that match this search for the past day click here.

As with all upgrades, we continually improve our systems to help facilitate doing more business with less work.
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