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Friday, September 19, 2008

Drive More Website Traffic - Through Print

There are three keys to driving more traffic to your web site. They are simple and easily implemented as long as you pay attention to them. This article focuses on one of the three keys, driving more traffic to your web site through marketing. Many people assume that SEO (Search Engine Optimization or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are the answers. They are important, but nowhere near as important as other things you could be doing today to drive more traffic. So let’s talk about driving more traffic to your web site.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing seven methods of driving more traffic that will not cost a single penny! You heard it right. These are five ideas where you do not have to spend any money. But you may need to make some changes.

Today I want to focus on your print marketing. Before we dig into specific print marketing points, I want to build the case for driving traffic to your personal web site on the Delta System.

Every aspect of your print marketing needs to drive Customers to your personal web site. This is important for many reasons. If you are a Delta Customer, any Customer lead from your web site will go directly to you, which will have captured this Customer on your site. This would mean that any Customer, once they have registered under your web site, could come back to the company web, submit a request and our system will know to send that request directly to you, even though it wasn’t sent from your web site. The Delta System is a pretty smart system ;-)

Second, once a Customer is on your web site they are able to search the full inventory of homes in the market. You are not only showing your listings, but all of the other IDX listings in the marketplace as well. This helps make your web site a "go-to" web site for Customers.

Third, in nearly all markets, Delta Web Sites show listings from all around the country. This allows Customers to search listings outside of your market place. You may be asking why this is really important. One word: Referrals! There are referral opportunities within the Delta Network every day. The Customer leads that are on listings outside of your marketplace is an excellent opportunity for you to capture referral fees. The fact that you have listings from all around the country on your site also helps to define your site as more authoritative then other sites in your marketplace.

Now that I have established the case for driving Customers to your web site, let's talk about actually driving the Customers to your site through print.

Business Cards
Business Cards are critical for your day-to-day business. If you are like me, when you find yourself without business cards you almost feel lost or embarrassed. I have a challenge for you: How many of you have your personal web site address on your business card? I know this sounds like a silly question, but from my experience and my unscientific polling, I have found that in some meetings I have attended over 20% of the Agents in the room did not have their personal web site address on their Business Card. I recommend that you add your personal address such as or your company provided address such as on your business card. It is critical!

Flyers could be anything from Property Briefs, Property Flyers, Personal Marketing Flyers, Market Guides, Relocation Packets, ...well, you get the idea! All these items must have your personal web site address. I will take this thought a step further: Your web site address must be on every page in the Flyer. I like to see the address either on the bottom, in the footer area, or at the top in the header area.

Your Email Signature
Simply put, your Email Signature should have your personal web site address on it!
Mike Minard
Delta Media Group, Inc.
phone: 330-491-1487
fax: 330-493-0363
Post Cards
For years I have received post cards from a few Realtors® where I live. Would you believe that 3 of the 4 Realtors® do not put their web site address on their post cards! Maybe they don’t have web sites. I would be shocked. But the moral of the story is to put your web site address on your post cards. I will take this thought a step further as well, since many of these cards are farming cards that are specific to a neighborhood. Why not create a special page for that neighborhood on your web site. Direct Customers to that page from the Post Card.

Newspapers & Home Guides
Ok. We have seen a huge cut in print marketing budgets. Depending on your market, I believe newspaper and home guide ads are still necessary. However, they must be used wisely. Did you know that with the Delta System, every one of your listings has its own web site address? Here is an example listing on my site: This address takes Customers directly to the detail sheet for that listing. I could also use so even if you don’t have your own domain name yet you can immediately drive Customers to the full set of information on that listing from the print ads you are doing. Once Customers are on your web site they also have access to search all the listings in the market!

Listing Web Sites
Every one of your listings has its own web site address on our system as mentioned above while discussing Newspapers & Home Guides. I want you to understand the real power of this and what can be done with it. With the Delta System you no longer have to direct Customers to a search form to type in the MLS Number of the listing or to the property search form to find the listing. You can give Customers a web address that takes them directly to the listing. This is huge for the ego’s (a good thing) of the home sellers. The home sellers have an easy address to use to find their listing or to even share their listing with their friends. (There will be more on this in future articles!)

I hope you have found this article challenging! Review the print marketing you are currently doing and see if you could be doing a better job. What a great opportunity to get your print marketing to reach its maximum potential.
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