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Monday, October 27, 2008

Drive More Web Site Traffic - Through Open Houses

So far I have done two blog posts on how to Drive More Web Site Traffic. The first one focused on driving more web site traffic through your print marketing. These second blog post focused on what you can do in using your voice mail greeting to drive more traffic. I have received great feedback on both blog posts.

This blog post will focus on driving more web site traffic through real estate open houses. You have used open houses to sell properties and to get listings, but how many of you have used an open house to drive traffic to your web site?

This post focuses on one example that drives more traffic to your web site and creates prospects and customers using My Home Finder.

My Home Finder is a daily email system which sends new listings to customers from you. When customers sign up for My Home Finder on your agent web site all emails sent to the customer are branded with your contact information.

What I am recommending to you is that you ask open house visitors if they would like to receive emails of new listings, matching their search criteria, daily. And then you sign them up!

My Home Finder is a great service that helps you establish a working relationship with new customers. You could even create sign-up forms for use at your open house. On the form you should ask for their name, email address, phone number and information on the home they are looking for.

This feature applies to both primary types of customers: sellers and buyers. If the customer is a potential seller they can see what is coming onto the market that their home would be competing against. If the customer is a buyer they can see what is hitting the market that they may be interested in.

What you should do as an Agent, is take time to sign-up customers on your own. After they fill-our the form, after the open house, go to your agent web site and create My Home Finder accounts for these customers.

After you have done this, take the time to follow-up personally with the customers to see if you can be of assistance from time to time.
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