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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No Contact Information. No Contracts...

You know the old saying - No Contacts, No Contracts.
It should be... Bad Contact Info, No Contracts (Or Online Leads)...

I was working with a group of real estate professionals and as part of my follow-up, I used the contact information in our database to email everyone some helpful hints and information. The kicker is that of 400 emails, roughly 6% bounced. My concern is not that the information that I am sending is valuable, but what if I were a willing and able buyer or seller trying to contact one of you, and your contact information is not correct?

Contact Checklist - 4 Items.
If you do anything with your website, please check the following.
1. Make sure your Photo is correct
2. Make sure your Name is correct
3. Make sure there is a CORRECT email address to be contacted at
4. Make sure to give phone numbers for Buyers and Sellers to contact you directly.

This simple checklist will save you and your contacts valuable time, not to mention, it may actually bring RESULTS!
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