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Friday, December 5, 2008

Lead System Update to Track All Lead Sources

Real Estate Brokers, are you looking to save money right now?

One of Delta Media Group's customers has used the Lead Management System to right-size their office staff. Instead of having 14 staff people taking calls at each office they now have 1 full-time and 2 part-time staff people running a "call center" with Delta Media Group's Lead Management System at the center.

Here is how...

The Delta Media Group Lead System gives Administrators the ability to enter new leads manually into the system. Utilizing this system, all leads are tracked and monitored. The following screen shows the Add New Contact button on the right side.

When the Add New Contact button is clicked the following screen will show...

Inside this screen a new lead can be entered. You can even define new lead sources so you can track results from all sources. This is under the Request Source.

Once you start using the Delta Media Group Lead System to manage your leads you will start seeing new lead sources within the lead overview section as seen below.

There is even a new reporting function that shows where your leads are coming from as seen from the screen shot below.

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