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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Broker Advisory Committee Meeting

To all Delta Media Group Brokers and Administrators:

I am pleased to announce the start of an amazing opportunity for you to network and dialogue with colleagues, taking your online business to the next level. On February 20th at 1:00pm EST I am starting Broker Advisory Committees at Delta Media Group.

The Broker Advisory Committees will meet monthly using GoToMeeting. Using GoToMeeting you are able to easily participate in the Committee, minimizing costs to you and maximizing your return. I am asking the Owner(s), Broker(s), Administrator(s), and Training, and Marketing Personnel be involved in the Committees.

During the Broker Advisory Committees I will be sharing and facilitating discussions on topics such as: Generating more leads now; Getting your agents to close more business; How can the company generate more business for the agents; Getting more web traffic; etc.

In addition, I have been tweaking verbiage and creating more calls to action on a Brokerage Web Site over the past ten weeks. During this time, I have been able to increase customer requests and opportunities by over 45%. I want to begin making these changes on your site as well, free of charge to you! In order to facilitate these changes you need to be part of the Broker Advisory Committee as these changes will be announced and discussed during the meetings.

To confirm your participation in your Broker Advisory Committee please register at Please have each attendee register that may participate including their name, email address, title/duties and phone number.
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