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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Webinar a success, another scheduled for today

Thanks to those of you who helped make Wednesday's Webinar a great success!

With hundreds of real estate agents nationwide in attendance, Delta Media Group had a lot of positive responses about their Webinar, "Drive More Online Opportunities!"

In the Webinar, Delta Media Group Vice President Jonathan Blood discussed how to improve online opportunities and leads through improved Search Engine Optimization, blogging, custom biography and market content, and more. These topics are some of the most widely discussed among real estate agents in 2009, and Delta Media Group's Webinar was designed to show agents how to take full advantage of them.

For those agents that don't have the time, or would prefer to have a these services professionally facilitated, Delta Media Group has proposed their Agent Marketing program, also discussed in the Webinar (click here for more information).

Delta Media Group will host another Webinar on the same topic Thursday, January 15 at 11am Eastern. Click here to register.
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