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Monday, May 25, 2009

Delta Media Group updates real estate company website News system

Delta Media Group has updated the admin News system on the DeltaNet.

The update gives administrators the ability to post office-level news on the DeltaNet, and choose which offices the news should go to. Upon logging into the DeltaNet, only those members of applicable offices will see news updates that relate to them. The News system previously posted news updates to each member of the company.

Delta Media Group's News system gives company admins the ability to post news to the DeltaNet, which all real estate agents and others using the system will see upon logging in. News articles are saved by date of post, and can be modified or deleted by an admin at any time.

The "Add New News Article" page is integrated with a calendar system from which admins can choose which date to post the article. Admins can also choose to post news to the public real estate website, or exclusively to the DeltaNet. Upon choosing when and where to post the news updates, admins can use the Delta Media Group HTML editor to customize the update as they see fit. This includes adding hyperlinks, graphics, photos, videos, HTML code, and using a large variation of tables, fonts and colors.

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