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Thursday, May 28, 2009

DeltaNet Listings Page update - Overview Page

As noted earlier today, Delta Media Group will update the Listings Page on the real estate agent DeltaNet to a new interface Tuesday.

The new Listings Page interface is easier for agents to use, and aims to help agents improve the listing's online results. One of the most beneficial aspects of the new interface is the Overview Page.

The Overview Page is the default page of the modal window. Across the top of the page it shows MLS ID number, address, the number of days the listing was in the system, and the listing’s direct URL. Below that information are tabs that allow the agent to directly access the listing’s additional pages.

The listing’s Overview Page gives the agent an overview of the listing’s details. The page is broken into four sections, including: Listing Photos; Comments; Videos, Slideshows, V-Tours; and Seller Reports.

Listing Photos
The Listing Photos section shows how many photos have been added to the listing, if the photos have been updated within the past 12 months, how many descriptions were added to the photos, and what Delta Media Group recommends to improve the amount of times listing photos are viewed. Many consumers check multiple real estate websites to see if one offers more information on a particular listing than another. Delta Media Group allows agents to add up to 99 photos per listing, and add descriptions to each of those photos. Photo descriptions help enhance the online user experience, and can add valuable keywords for search engine optimization benefits.

The Comments section shows whether custom comments were added to the listing to override the comments from the MLS that came through the IDX feed. Customizing listing comments on Delta Media Group’s real estate websites makes the listing unique to the website, and helps improve real estate search engine optimization because it provides fresh, unique content.

Videos, Slideshows, V-Tours
The Videos, Slideshows, V-Tours section tells the agent if they have enacted the Property Pursuit listing Virtual Slideshow, and whether he or she has added a virtual tour to the listing. Virtual tours provide a more enhanced view of a listing for consumers, and Delta Media Group’s Property Pursuit listing Virtual Slideshow is a new feature that, when turned on, automatically creates an interactive slideshow from the listing’s photos.

Seller Reports
The Seller Reports section tells the agent if Seller Reports are turned on. Upon turning Seller Reports on, Delta Media Group’s system automatically E-mails the seller a weekly report showing how many times the seller's listing was viewed online. The report comes branded from the real estate agent, and shows the number of times the listing was viewed each week on the agent’s real estate company website, the number of times it was viewed on the Property Pursuit national property search, and the total number of times the listing was viewed, both locally and nationwide.

The Overview Page was created to give real estate agents a quick and easily accessible report to help agents understand how they can better market their listings.

Delta Media Group will soon provide additional information on the other pages of the new agent Listing Page interface. Check back to Delta Media Group's blog for further updates.
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