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Saturday, May 16, 2009

DMG Server Move

5/16/09 - 10:03am
Web site services are now partially restored. More database network errors are being resolved to correct some error messages visitors may see when attempting to do a property search.

5/16/09 - 9:25am
We are still working to resolve network issues and restore services.

5/16/09 - 9:11am
We tracked down a couple problems within the new network. One being a bad patch cord. I will post another update in 10 minutes.

5/16/09 - 9:01am
We are working to resolve one more network glitch before putting everything live. I will post another update within 10 minutes.

5/16/09 - 8:40am
A few more pictures:

5/16/09 - 8:10am
I thought I would post some pictures that I have on my phone from the move. I have many more pictures on my camera but won't be able to post those pictures until I have access to another computer.

Removing servers from the old facility:

5/16/09 - 8:09am
All servers are up and running. There are a few final connections that need to be made before the system can be restored. We are expecting all web systems to be restored by 9am.

5/16/09 - 6:00am
About 75% of the servers have been connected to network and power. With a system this size we are working on bringing up services slowly ensuring that all dependent systems are working properly. All primary database server nodes are up and running along with many of the clustered database servers. Work will continue for at least another hour or two getting all the servers ready.

5/16/09 - 4:00am
Most of the servers have been installed in the new facility. Work will begin shortly connecting all power and network cables.

5/16/09 - 2:10am
Bad news -- Our primary firewall did not survive the move. We are in the process of making sure that the backup firewall is configured properly.

5/16/09 - 1:50am
All servers have been pulled from the "old" location. About 1/2 of the servers have arrived at the new facility.

5/16/09 - 12:32am
The server move is under way and going well.

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