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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lead Management updates to help encourage quicker lead response from agents

Delta Media Group finished a new update to the real estate lead management system this morning, which gives company admins the ability to remove agents from receiving lead notifications if they do not follow up with leads.

The lead management system update should help encourage agents to follow up with contacts and process their leads more quickly in order to help them close more business and increase agent and company revenue.

Admins can turn the system on under the "Settings" tab of the "Leads & Contacts" section of the DeltaNet. About halfway down the Leads & Contacts Settings page is a new section, titled "Agents with Unprocessed Leads." If an admin clicks to turn the system on, it will fill in default time values for the status of each type of lead. The default time values can be customized to the brokerage's preference.

The two lead types include 1/ Agents who have not yet viewed the lead (those with a red or orange status lead), and 2/ Agents who have viewed the lead but have not yet processed it (those with a green status lead). The third line is for proactive notices, and controls the time frame in which agents will be notified that they have unprocessed leads that could result in missing new lead broadcast opportunities from the real estate company website.

The lead management updates include a section that gives companies the ability to customize the notifications sent to their agents. This can be found in the "Preferences" section under the "Messages" tab, with the following headlines:
  • Agents with Unprocessed Leads - Message for red/orange status
  • Agents with Unprocessed Leads - Message for green status
  • Agents with Unprocessed Leads - Message for pro-active notices

The messages control what is sent to the agent when they miss a lead or receive a notice letting them know they have unprocessed leads. The company also has the option of sending the agent a list of their unprocessed leads, which will allow the agent to click on the links and process the leads.

Delta Media Group's lead management updates help brokerages automatically encourage a quicker response time from agents. The quicker agents respond to leads, the better their chances of capturing business from the customers submitting the leads, thus improving agent and company revenue.

The lead management system update is another way Delta Media Group is helping brokerages improve their online revenues. Contact Delta Media Group for more information.
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