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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Open House updates: Part II

Delta Media Group recently updated several elements of the Open House system on their real estate website and lead management systems, as we blogged about previously.

Another updated feature is the Open House pop-up window displayed when a consumer clicks on the Open House link of a real estate listing.

The Open House pop-up widow previously provided basic open house information including date, time, listing agent and phone number. The new window is much more robust and visual, and serves as an online advertisement for the upcoming open house.

The new Open House window includes all the information from the former window, but also adds a company logo, agent name, agent photo, agent or company phone number, the listing's direct Web address, a primary listing photo, listing address, listing price, bedrooms, bathrooms, a map of the listing's location (provided the agent is on the Upgraded Agent Website System or the company has the Atlas Search map), copyright, disclaimer, and a button to print the Web page.

Check back to Delta Media Group's blog for details on how the Open House updates can help real estate brokerages and agents improve their online business.

If you have questions on the Open House updates, or would more information on Delta Media Group's real estate company websites, real estate agent websites and real estate lead management systems, contact Delta Media Group.
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