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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Open House updates: Part III

Delta Media Group's new Open House updates provide a few new ways to help real estate agents and brokerages improve their business.

Open House Update Details
The new Open House updates provide a more comprehensive and visual online detail sheet to help market open houses. They also provide more tools for agents to include in their seller presentations, as they give agents an edge in marketing their sellers' listings online. Delta Media Group previously ran two blogs on recent Open House updates:

Helping Real Estate Agents
Sellers will be happy to see the online advantage of having a comprehensive Open House detail sheet in addition to full listing information and Open House click-able ads attached to the listing throughout the real estate website, from the property search results page, to the listing detail page, to the Open Houses section of the website.

Helping Real Estate Brokerages
For brokers, the Open House updates can go into an arsenal of recruiting tools. As the real estate industry moves more online, your Web advantages become more important. Among those advantages in the current market are the tools that can help your agents attain listings. The Open House update is one of those tools, among such others as Seller Reports, Delta Media Group's Property Pursuit national property search, eCards, CRM/drip marketing system (view more drip marketing system updates), and more.

More Information
Contact Delta Media Group for more information on Open House system updates, or on Delta Media Group's real estate company websites, real estate agent websites and real estate management systems.
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