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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

PinPoint Realty goes live; first Greenville, SC brokerage on DMG's system

Delta Media Group recently set live a new real estate website and lead management system for PinPoint Realty.

PinPoint Realty is a recent start-up brokerage, and Delta Media Group's first customer in the Greenville, South Carolina market. PinPoint Realty's listings will be the first in the Greenville market on the Property Pursuit national property search, a key feature on every Delta Media Group real estate company website and real estate agent website.

For PinPoint Realty, each of its listings will now be marketed on over 300 real estate company websites and 30,000 real estate agent websites, vastly multiplying their exposure.

Get more information on Delta Media Group's real estate website and lead management systems.
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