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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Claim your name on Facebook tomorrow night

It might be worth staying up a little late tomorrow night...

If you're utilizing Social Networking with your real estate marketing (and you should be), you should note that Facebook is offering users the opportunity to grab a personalized Web address for their profile starting at midnight, June 13.

The move can help Facebook users better improve their search engine results, as Bloomberg's story on the Facebook move notes:

"Facebook Inc. is allowing users to select one name per person, letting them create a Web address for their Facebook profile, such as At the moment, addresses typically contain a sequence of numbers. The aim, Facebook says, is to make it easier to find profiles using search engines such as Google Inc."

Casual Facebook users may not care too much about claiming a Facebook identity, other than for bragging rights or to gain more friends. But for those utilizing Facebook as a business tool, the identity can be a large boost for online business. Consider the search engine optimization benefits of, or

Real estate agents may have the most to gain off of a direct Facebook profile address, as well as the most to lose if they don't reserve theirs. An agent's business is built around his or her name. Having a direct address with your name in your Facebook profile can help boost your Facebook profile's search engine optimization when searching by your name, which can help significantly if you're using your Facebook profile for business.

But don't wait too long to reserve your Facebook name. It could hurt an agent if a client searches their name on Google, only to find a Facebook profile of a college student with the same name. Check out Facebook's blog for more information.

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