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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Delta Media Group adds MLS ID search tool to 'Edit Office' page

Delta Media Group updated the "Edit Office" page of the DeltaNet, adding a field from which system administrators can search for a hidden office MLS ID.

Some MLS's for an office listing use a hidden MLS ID that is not shared with the brokerage. The listing Delta Media Group receives is only tagged with the hidden MLS ID, opposed to the public ID that the broker knows. Therefore, the listings in the Delta system are not able to be linked to the broker's office without the office having the hidden MLS ID entered into their office information.

The added listing search field allows a company admin to enter the MLS ID into the search field to find the hidden office MLS ID. This saves the brokerage the time invested in trying to track down the hidden MLS ID to locate a real estate listing. The search field also works for regular office MLS IDs.

Contact Delta Media Group for more information on the MLS search tool, or its real estate website and lead management systems.
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