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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Delta Media group launches 'Photo Portfolio Offers' system

In recent weeks, Delta Media Group has taken several pro-active steps to help the agents and brokerages using our real estate websites to generate more leads and customer portfolios.

Today, Delta Media Group released its new 'Photo Portfolio Offers' system, which prompts real estate website visitors to create a My Home Finder portfolio account while sifting through listing photos.

The system is available to all real estate company websites, but only to agents using the Upgrade real estate agent website.

The Photo Portfolio Offers system is set up to encourage a website visitor to create a portfolio account and save the listing he is viewing the photos for. It prompts the Web visitor on every third listing he views photos of, on the third photo he views upon clicking to view more listing images.

Unlike the My Home Finder Offers system, released last week, the Photo Portfolio Offers system generates new account registrations as new leads for the respective real estate company or agent when a website visitor creates an account. This sends the lead through Delta Media Group's lead management system, thus following any pre-set lead distribution rules, like sending the listing agent an instant text message notification that she has a new lead in her lead management system.

When new leads come into the agent's Lead Management system, the "New Leads" page displays the customer's name, the date the lead came into the system, the lead request type, the lead request source, how old the lead is, and which agent the lead is assigned to.

The "Request Type" category specifies whether the lead is from the Photo Portfolio Offers system, or if it's another type of lead, like a showing request or E-mail lead.

The Photo Portfolio Offers system has operated in beta testing for the past few months on a real estate website, and has helped produce significant lead results for the real estate company.

Contact Delta Media Group for more information on the Photo Portfolio Offers system, or for details on Delta Media Group's real estate company websites, real estate agent websites, and real estate lead management systems.
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