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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Delta Media Group releases 'Share My Leads' system

Delta Media Group just released its new Share My Leads system on all real estate agent websites.

The Share My Leads system is ideal for real estate agent teams. It allows agents to share leads, whether processed or unprocessed, with other agents within their company.

Share My Leads settings are located in the "Settings" tab of the "Leads & Contacts" section on the real estate agent DeltaNet lead management system. Agents can choose other agents they want to have access to their processed or unprocessed leads. The leads will appear on the other agent's DeltaNet "Leads" or "Contacts" pages, and list which agent the lead was initially assigned to.

To keep customers correctly assorted, Delta Media Group added an owner column on the right side of the Leads and Contacts databases. The column shows if the customer is one of the agent's own, or, if he/she is assigned to another agent, who he/she is assigned to.

Share My Leads was designed to help agents respond to leads and share customer information more quickly. In the past, agent teams had difficulty sharing customer information if the member of the team who received the lead was in meetings and could not follow up or pass the lead on to other agents until their schedule cleared.

Contact Delta Media Group for more details on the Share My Leads system.
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