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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Delta Media Group's My Home Finder Offers update

Delta Media Group announced three new system updates this morning. Two are scheduled to go live Tuesday, June 16 on Delta Media Group's real estate websites and lead management systems, while the third will be released in the near future. We'll preview each system update on Delta Media Group's blog over the next few days.

The My Home Finder Offers system update will prompt customers to create a My Home Finder account upon accessing the listings display page after conducting a property search on a real estate website. The prompt will open in a modal window, a pseudo pop-up window that appears within the same browser and allows customers to create a My Home Finder account or close the window to continue with their property search.

Only those customers who enter property search criteria will be prompted with the My Home Finder account offer. The prompt explains what the account is and how it helps the customer. If he or she clicks "Get Started Now," it will ask for his or her name and contact information. The offer will appear each time the customer begins a new session, though will not appear more than once in the same session unless that session has been inactive for 30 or more minutes.

The My Home Finder Offers update should help real estate agents and brokerages to receive more portfolio accounts in their lead management system. The offer sheet does not require registration, but encourages customers to register and explains the benefits of doing so. If customers prefer not to register for a My Home Finder account, they can click in the top right corner to close the window.

The My Home Finder Offers update will be available to all Delta Media Group real estate company website users, but only those agents using Delta Media Group's upgraded real estate agent website.

Contact Delta Media Group for more information on the My Home Finder Offers update. Check back to Delta Media Group's blog for details on the Share My Leads and Photo Portfolio Offers updates.
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