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Monday, June 8, 2009

New search filter added to 'Processed Leads & Contacts' tab on DeltaNet

Administrators using Delta Media Group's real estate lead management system will now be able to easily locate leads that are not assigned to an agent.

Delta Media Group recently added a new filter to the "Processed Leads & Contacts" tab on the administrative side of the DeltaNet that allows admins to find leads that are no longer assigned to an agent, whether because that agent left the company, or other reasons.

Previously, admins could not locate leads not assigned to agents without knowing the customer's contact information or searching page by page. The new unassigned lead filter allows admins to sort all leads that are not assigned to an agent so admins can reassign the leads to another agent, follow up with the customer themselves, or send the leads to a lead administrator.

Delta Media Group's Processed Leads & Contacts page already allows admins to search contacts by date they were last logged into the website, date they created their account, name, E-mail address, type of lead assignment, or initial lead source.

Contact Delta Media Group with questions about the new processed leads and contacts filter, or for more information on its real estate company websites, real estate agent websites, real estate lead management systems, and real estate search engine optimization services.
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