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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Real estate website traffic from Bing

A quick update from yesterday's blog entry about Bing...

I took a look at the stats of seven of the real estate website and lead management systems Delta Media Group builds for brokerages throughout the country, from large brokerages to small; from brokerages in the north, south, east, west and mid-western United States.

In each case, the real estate website was already receiving a portion of traffic from Bing. At best, Bing was the fifth-largest source of traffic for two brokerages over the past month. At worst, it was the 12th largest source of traffic. By comparison, Google was the top source of real estate website traffic to five of the seven brokerages, and the second largest source for the remaining two. That being said, Google drove, at best, 13.5 times more traffic to the real estate website than Bing, and at worst, 26.38 times more Web traffic.

Keep in mind that Bing has only existed for two weeks. Since these stats showed traffic for the past month, Bing is on course to, after one month, drive somewhere between 7.5-15 percent of the Web traffic that Google drove to the seven real estate websites I analyzed.

Obviously, Bing is not yet a significant player compared to Google. But in many cases, Bing drove more traffic to the real estate websites analyzed than did some of the largest real estate portals.

Bing should continue to become more popular, thus driving a larger chunk of traffic to real estate websites. It may not crack Google's dominance of the search engine industry, but search engines should continue to increase the amount of traffic they send to websites, particularly in the real estate industry.

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