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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Delta Media Group adds website tracking to Lead Management system

Delta Media Group programmers have added new functionality to the 'Leads & Contacts' page of the lead management system on the DeltaNet.

The 'Request Source' category of the 'New Leads' and 'Processed Leads & Contacts' pages of the DeltaNet has long shown agents and admins if leads came from their website or another source - like a sign call, office visit, or magazine ad call - if the lead was manually entered into the lead management system.

Now, the 'Request Source' category will display specifically what kind of website the lead came from, whether the real estate company website or a real estate agent website.

The new 'Request Source' lead tracking functionality makes it easy for real estate agents to see if they are generating website leads themselves or the company is driving leads to their sites, and gives company admins the ability to follow how many leads the real estate company website is producing for agents.

Delta Media Group's real estate websites are integrated so real estate company website leads can automatically distribute to real estate agents, who receive instant notification of the lead via E-mail and text message (depending on the system the agent is using), and can quickly follow up with the customer about his or her specific request. 'Request Source' lead tracking can help agents and companies better understand their lead types for follow-up and strategic marketing initiatives.
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