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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Delta Media Group releases new photo title functionality

A routine fix has led to new real estate website functionality for our customers.

While addressing a bug in the photo system, Delta Media Group programmers realized it would be convenient for agents and admins if they could save original photo titles when replacing photos.

Now, when an agent or admin replaces a listing photo on a real estate website, he has the option to keep the existing photo comments or remove them.

Delta Media Group's real estate website and lead management system accepts up to 99 photos and 255 characters of text per photo, allowing agents to narrate a photo walk-through of a listing. Since agents often replace listing photos with high def images, the option to save the photo title saves agents the time of having to rewrite their listing photo descriptions.

The new programming automatically saves photo titles when a photo is replaced, unless an agent or admin clicks the box to clear the photo title.

Agents and admins using Delta Media Group's real estate Web systems are encouraged to add extra listing photos and descriptions. Many MLS's place limits on the number of photos permitted per listing. Since buyers often browse several real estate websites before making a purchase, having more listing photos than the competition can help capture these buyers.

In addition, photo titles provide unique listing content - a key to building successful long tail search engine optimization. Listing content is typically replicated on all real estate company websites and real estate agent websites that are subscribed to a particular data feed. But the ability to provide photo titles gives brokerages several areas from which to create unique content, which search engines love.

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