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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Delta Media Group releases 'Post-to-Craigslist' updates

As promised, Delta Media Group released new functionality today to its 'Post-to-Craigslist' system.

The Craigslist system now displays the number of days since a listing was posted to Craigslist for each respective listing. The '' column of the 'Listings' page has the link from which agents can generate a Craigslist ad, and displays parentheses noting whether an ad has been generated and, if so, how long ago.

The new programming allows real estate agents and admins to monitor when they need to re-post listings to Craigslist based on the expiration date for the agent or admin's respective area.

Each Craigslist region can have different posting regulations. Some only hold a post for seven days, while others may be posted for 30 days or more. The posting date monitor gives brokers and agents working between multiple markets an easy way to track when they posted their listings, and better gauge when they should re-post.

Delta Media Group released its 'Post-to-Craigslist' system two months ago, easily allowing brokers and agents using Delta Media Group's real estate website and lead management systems to post listings to Craigslist. The tool has been a tremendous boost for real estate brokers and agents, with several reporting significant traffic increases generated from Craigslist.

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