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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just Released: New programming on the Open House V3 system

Delta Media Group launched the Open House V3 system for all real estate company websites today, and added a few updates to the system.

Real estate companies now have the ability to customize the message displayed when no open houses are found. The 'No Opens Verbiage' feature is located on the bottom of the 'Open House Preferences' tab on the DeltaNet Real Estate lead management system.

Located just above the 'No Open Verbiage' section is the 'Hide Filters' field, where real estate companies can now disable certain filter feeds on the public open house search form, including the 'zip code', 'neighborhood,' 'subdivision' and 'school district' fields.

When adjusting these fields on the DeltaNet, the adjustments will default to all open house forms.

Contact Delta Media Group for more information on the Open House V3 system and new programming, or for details on Delta Media Group's real estate website and lead management systems.
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