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Friday, August 21, 2009

Delta Media Group launches new 'Listings Reports'

The next in the line of new reports Delta Media Group released this week is the Listings Report, or reports, depending on how you view it.

Delta Media Group's new Listing Reports make it easy for real estate website administrators to see how many listings each agent has, and of those, how many have set up automated Seller Reports to distribute to their sellers. Though generally the same report, we created it in three different formats for ease of use, searchability and simplified CSV exporting.

The first report displays all agents, whether or not they have listings. The second report displays only those agents with listings. And the third report displays the same information sorted by listings instead of agents.

Upon creating a Listing Report, a CSV file will open that displays agent first name, agent last name, number of listings per agent, number of listings per agent with reports set up, number of listings per agent without reports set up, number of reports set up to agents, number of reports set up to sellers, and number of reports set up to go to both the agent and seller. The type of report will determine how this information is assorted.

All information in the report is located in a different spreadsheet column, allowing it to be easily searched, ordered or imported into another lead or listing management system by the administrator.

Listings Reports are located under the new "Reports" tab in the "Listings" section of the administrative DeltaNet.
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