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Friday, August 21, 2009

Delta Media Group's new 'Agent Lead Detail Report'

This week we mentioned a few new reports Delta Media Group released on the administrative side of our real estate website and lead management systems. We'll address those one by one.

First up is the new 'Agent Lead Detail Report,' located under the 'Reports' tab in the 'Leads & Contacts' section of the DeltaNet. The Agent Lead Detail Report is a summary of all recent leads among a selected time frame, ordered from oldest to most recent. It was built to conveniently display lead details over a given time period to real estate website admins, so they can better track the website's progress and evaluate the type of leads they are receiving.

The report shows the day and time the lead was submitted, the customer who submitted the lead, the agent the lead went to, the type of request submitted (Showing, E-mail, Photo Portfolio, etc.), the type of assignment the lead has (No-fee Referral, Broadcast, Fee-referral, etc.), and whether the lead is still active or not.

The Agent Lead Detail Report can be sorted by date range, allowing administrators to view the details of all leads submitted to the real estate website over the past few days, or during a set prior time period. The Agent Lead Detail Report can also be exported as a CSV file, allowing real estate company admins to save spreadsheets of lead detail reports, or submit them into additional lead management systems.

Check back to Delta Media Group's blog for updates on the other new system reports released this week.
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