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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Benefits of Mobile Broker Advantage™

Announced today, Delta Media Group has released Mobile Broker Advantage™, an advanced mobile real estate website built to help your brokerage capture your market's mobile real estate search traffic.

Mobile Broker Advantage™ is built specifically for cell phone and other mobile browsers. It allows consumers to search all real estate listings from the IDX, in addition to the company's real estate agents and open houses. Mobile Broker Advantage™ also has a link so consumers can easily contact the real estate company with a question or listing request directly from their cell phone, even if they don't have mobile E-mail.

All leads from Mobile Broker Advantage™ are filtered through Delta Media Group's real estate lead management system, thus empowering the real estate company to apply its lead routing principles, and allowing agents to more easily follow up with and incubate consumers.

Mobile Broker Advantage™ allows consumers to view all listing data directly from their cell phone, making it easy to find listings when driving through a neighborhood, or find open houses to view when home shopping.

Real estate agents even get their own bios on Mobile Broker Advantage™, so consumers can easily search agents, read their information, submit a system-driven lead to them, or call the agent at that moment.

Mobile Broker Advantage™ is the first stand-alone mobile real estate website, and is available both to Delta Media Group's real estate website customers, and companies not using Delta Media Group as their partner in real estate Web technology.

For more information on how to launch a Mobile Broker Advantage™ system for your real estate company, click to contact Delta Media Group.

Read more about Mobile Broker Advantage™ here.
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