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Monday, October 19, 2009

Delta Media Group releases customizable real estate agent website template

Delta Media Group has released new functionality to our real estate agent websites.

Agents using our Upgrade system can now customize website headers, theme colors and more.

Last week, we released the ability for real estate agents to use a custom header on their Upgrade real estate website. (Delta Media Group has packages available to build a custom header, if you don't have one - for more info call 866.233.9833 x408).

Along with a custom header, agents using the new website template can customize whether their website should be centered or based to the left of a viewer's Internet browser, and customize the colors of the left and top navigation background, My Portfolio background, navigation text, content background and primary background.

Delta Media Group's Upgrade agent website already offers more than 200 templates agents can choose from and change as often as they want. But the new template allows agents to brand themselves or their team with a custom-created, brand-specific design.

The template allows each agent website to look truly unique, and avoids the potential of other agents using the same website template.

Click here to contact Delta Media Group for a custom website header quote, or call 866.233.9833 x408 for more information.
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