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Monday, November 9, 2009

Google positiong itself to take advantage of the mobile push...are you?

Google announced today its plans to purchase AdMob, a mobile Internet ad provider.

The price tag? $750 million in stocks.

While it seems unrelated to real estate, the move signifies the growing importance of mobile Web usage, and the opportunity available for those who get in the mobile game early.

Delta Media Group realized this opportunity, and this summer released Mobile Broker Advantage™, a real estate brokerage website built specifically for mobile Internet browsers.

Google plans to use AdMob to "help the company's advertising partners improve how they target mobile Web users," according to a article.

Mobile Broker Advantage™ was built for the purpose of targeting mobile Web users. Mobile search keeps growing, and more and more consumers look to their cell phones to quickly and easily find homes online. Yet most real estate companies have no presence on the mobile side, other than possibly a convoluted real estate website that displays incorrectly in some browsers, forbids a simple property search in others, and even crashes some.

Mobile Broker Advantage™ not only is void of those issues, but gives real estate brokerages the ability to be one of only a handful of mobile-specific broker websites in a market. In many markets, it is the first and only mobile real estate website.

More benefits to Mobile Broker Advantage™ are: 1/ It's not an app, which restricts consumer usage since apps are only usable on certain phones, and 2/ Unlike other mobile sites, it requires no log-in to use, which turns many consumers away before ever seeing the resources available.

Mobile Broker Advantage™ gives users the easiest tools available to search all real estate listings, open houses and agents in a given market, and encourages them to easily request showings, ask questions, or even quick-call a real estate agent directly. All leads are filtered through Delta Media Group's real estate lead management system for easy, Web-based lead and contact tracking.

Click here for more information on Mobile Broker Advantage™.
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