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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Easily view a standard real estate website from your mobile site, vice versa

Looking for a more seamless way to transfer between viewing mobile and standard real estate websites?

Delta Media Group has added links for its standard and Mobile Broker Advantage™ real estate website customers to view the sites in their alternate variations.

Delta Media Group's Mobile Broker Advantage™ is a full mobile real estate website solution, offering customers one of the easiest property searches available, directly from any Web-enabled mobile device. But, while quicker and more convenient to use, mobile websites, by design, have less information and photos.

The new link allows consumers to easily search homes through the ease of the mobile property search, and switch over the the full version of the website with a click of a button. The option gives mobile consumers the best of both worlds--the convenience of a mobile site combined with the robust information and property details of a full website.

In contrast, consumers utilizing a standard real estate website can click to view the mobile version if they prefer the ease of a mobile property search and convenience of mobile listing results pages, or if brokers or agents would just like to see how the Mobile Broker Advantage™ system is displayed without accessing a mobile browser.

The link to the alternate website is located at the bottom of each standard and mobile real estate website page, just above Delta Media Group's disclaimer.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Now search Open Houses from your cell phone!

Now your clients can search all local open houses from their mobile browser.

Delta Media Group has added an Open House Search to its Mobile Broker Advantage™ platform, allowing consumers to search open houses from their cell phones. Mobile Broker Advantage™ previously incorporated open houses, but they were listed and not searchable.

The Open House Search is a convenient feature for all consumers utilizing mobile browsers to find open houses. Due to the convenience of mobile phones, it's a growing trend for consumers to search open houses while perusing neighborhoods. Mobile Broker Advantage™ now makes this easier than ever before.

Mobile Broker Advantage™ is a mobile real estate website platform Delta Media Group released late 2009. It provides subscribing brokerages a fully functional mobile real estate website that works on all mobile platforms, and is integrated with Delta Media Group's renowned lead management system.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

National real estate search engine surpasses 1 million listings

In just two short months, has surpassed 1 million real estate listings, placing it among the fastest growing independent real estate portals ever created. released a press release on the landmark achievement, which we've attached below:


CANTON, Ohio, January 6, 2010 surpassed 1.1 million listings today, making it one of the fastest growing real estate search engines in the nation. is a national real estate portal that displays listing data of real estate companies, agents and syndication partners across the United States.
Consumers can easily search for homes, real estate agents, brokers and more. officially re-launched at the 2009 NAR Conference & Expo in San Diego, and has since grown quickly across the nation. Powered by real estate technology developer Delta Media Group, offers profiles for real estate agents and brokerages, featured listings, and advanced consumer interaction that includes unique IP address search incorporation, the ability to write agent and broker recommendations, and more.

“We’re proud of the speed at which we have been able to grow,” said Jonathan Blood, Executive Vice President of Property Pursuit. “Our goal is to create the best national property search site for consumers, and improve broker, agent and listing exposure.” is unique in that it was built by real estate brokers, for real estate brokers. Upon searching for homes, consumers are driven to the website of the respective broker or agent to receive additional information or submit a lead. Those brokers and agents using the system can partake in packages that help improve exposure for themselves, their brokerage, or their listings.

For more information, visit

Property Pursuit, powered by Delta Media Group, is a national real estate portal that features more than one million listings. Property Pursuit offers consumers an easy-to-use property search and robust national listing details, and offers brokerages and agents unique online profiles, and customizable accounts, bios, logos, social networking tools and more. Visit for more information. is a division of Delta Media Group (online at

About Delta Media Group
Canton, Ohio-based Delta Media Group is a national real estate technology developer. Serving more than 32,000 broker and agent real estate professionals and managing more than 4 million listings daily, Delta Media Group builds one of the most profitable tools for major brokers in the real estate industry. Delta Media Group has been in business since 1994, and works with independent and franchise brokerages across the country. Delta Media Group specializes in real estate Web sites, real estate lead management, mobile applications, IDX property search, and real estate search engine optimization (SEO). Visit for more info.

Monday, January 11, 2010

New CRM group names allow for personalized exporting

Delta Media Group has added group names to the CRM/drip marketing system, allowing companies and agents to filter exported CSV spreadsheet files by individual groups.

The CRM allows users to import contacts and create groups to set on automatic drip E-mail campaigns. These contacts could previously be exported by way of CSV file to import into additional lead and contact management and marketing systems, but only as one entity.

With the new feature, agents and companies have a "Groups" column in their CSV export, allowing them to utilize only particular groups to filter into additional external lead and contact management and marketing systems.

To export a group from your CRM, log into the DeltaNet, click "Leads & Contacts," then click "CRM." On the left column in the "Contacts" box, there is a tab that reads "Export Contacts." This option automatically creates a CSV file out of your contacts and their information stored in the DeltaNet lead management system.

The first column in that spreadsheet will now read "group_name," and identify which, if any, groups your contacts are in. Only those real estate agents using the Delta Media Group Upgrade agent website have access to the CRM/drip marketing system.

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Delta Media Group builds ability to add franchise agent IDs

Now, you can add franchise IDs to your agents' profiles.

Delta Media Group recently added the ability for companies to put franchise associate IDs on their agent profiles, allowing for better future communication between franchise systems and Delta Media Group's real estate websites.

The DeltaNet system formerly saved MLS agent IDs as well as Delta Media Group-associated agent IDs. But with the ability to add franchise agent IDs, the DeltaNet can better correspond with franchise-driven imports and exports.

Some franchises encourage brokerages to filter company leads through their provided lead and contact management systems, and have available franchise information that can be automatically imported into real estate websites with the necessary franchise agent ID.

Delta Media Group's added franchise ID ability gives franchised real estate brokerages the ability to best utilize and integrate Delta Media Group's resources with those provided by their franchise.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Delta Media Group creates more options for Google Analytics tracking

Now, when using Google Analytics, you can choose to follow statistics for just your brokerage website, or that of your entire brokerage and all affiliated agent websites.

Google Analytics codes previously tracked only the statistics of the brokerage website. But since agent websites are attached to the brokerage real estate website, Delta Media Group has added the ability to track agent and brokerage websites as a combined Web entity. This helps prevent the skewing of brokerage data like time on site, which may look significantly lower if a visitor uses the brokerage website to find an agent website, from which he conducts his property search.

Delta Media Group has a Google Analytics option built into the brokerage DeltaNet so you can easily enter Google Analytics to better follow the statistics of your real estate website. Google Analytics is a free Google service that allows you to better track more detailed elements of your website. Combined with Delta Media Group's website Reports, Google Analytics helps brokers get a full overview of their website traffic, activity, search engine traction, and more.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Delta Media Group adds admin zip code setting for franchise systems

For franchises with offices and listings in multiple areas, Delta Media Group has recently added the ability to lock the zip code settings to prevent them from being tampered with.

While franchises allow offices to control their own lead settings, many franchises want to pre-set zip code settings. The new functionality allows franchises to be certain their offices are receiving leads only from those zip codes which they service in order to prevent market overlap.

The office zip code setting can be adjusted on the DeltaNet by logging in as a root admin, clicking "Leads & Contacts," then clicking "Settings." This option is only accessible by root administrators on the DeltaNet, and can not be overridden by office administrators.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Search filter added to view all IDX open houses, only brokerage's

Visitors to your real estate website can now choose to view only your company open houses, or those of the entire IDX.

For brokerages with an IDX open house feed, Delta Media Group has added a public option for consumers to choose if they'd like to view all IDX open houses, or only those of your brokerage.

Some real estate website visitors like to search all open houses in a given market, while others prefer to narrow those results to the respective brokerage they are working with.

The open house option is part of Delta Media Group's new Open House system, which was initially released in 2008, but was updated and launched for all brokers on Delta Media Group's real estate websites six months ago.

The Open House V3 system provides brokers and agents a new interface and an easier format to submit open houses through. Some MLSs have an open house IDX feed, which brokerages can utilize to prevent from having to submit open house information to both the MLS and the DeltaNet. IDX open house feeds are not yet available from all MLSs, but can be integrated to your website should your MLS provide one.

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