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Monday, January 11, 2010

Delta Media Group builds ability to add franchise agent IDs

Now, you can add franchise IDs to your agents' profiles.

Delta Media Group recently added the ability for companies to put franchise associate IDs on their agent profiles, allowing for better future communication between franchise systems and Delta Media Group's real estate websites.

The DeltaNet system formerly saved MLS agent IDs as well as Delta Media Group-associated agent IDs. But with the ability to add franchise agent IDs, the DeltaNet can better correspond with franchise-driven imports and exports.

Some franchises encourage brokerages to filter company leads through their provided lead and contact management systems, and have available franchise information that can be automatically imported into real estate websites with the necessary franchise agent ID.

Delta Media Group's added franchise ID ability gives franchised real estate brokerages the ability to best utilize and integrate Delta Media Group's resources with those provided by their franchise.

Receive more information on Delta Media Group's real estate website and lead management systems.
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