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Monday, January 11, 2010

New CRM group names allow for personalized exporting

Delta Media Group has added group names to the CRM/drip marketing system, allowing companies and agents to filter exported CSV spreadsheet files by individual groups.

The CRM allows users to import contacts and create groups to set on automatic drip E-mail campaigns. These contacts could previously be exported by way of CSV file to import into additional lead and contact management and marketing systems, but only as one entity.

With the new feature, agents and companies have a "Groups" column in their CSV export, allowing them to utilize only particular groups to filter into additional external lead and contact management and marketing systems.

To export a group from your CRM, log into the DeltaNet, click "Leads & Contacts," then click "CRM." On the left column in the "Contacts" box, there is a tab that reads "Export Contacts." This option automatically creates a CSV file out of your contacts and their information stored in the DeltaNet lead management system.

The first column in that spreadsheet will now read "group_name," and identify which, if any, groups your contacts are in. Only those real estate agents using the Delta Media Group Upgrade agent website have access to the CRM/drip marketing system.

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