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Monday, February 22, 2010

Delta Media Group adds Open House price to CSV export

You can now sort your open house exports by price.

Delta Media Group created a price column in the open house CSV export, allowing exported open houses from the DeltaNet to be sorted by price, among other categories.

The new functionality adds the price column to an open house export that already included MLS ID, open house dates, open house start time, open house end time, open house/listing agent, agent contact information, open house comments, open house directions and office name of the real estate agent.

The open house export is one of several CSV exports built into the DeltaNet, allowing real estate brokers and admins to export real estate information into a spreadsheet to enter it into another real estate technology platform.

CSV exports allow for more convenient data communication between technology platforms that otherwise don't correspond. By exporting listing data via CSV, real estate brokers and agents can easily import that data into another real estate platform without having to re-submit the data manually.

To export open houses, log into the admin side of the DeltaNet, click the 'Open Houses' tab, then click the 'View Open Houses' sub-tab. The top-right button will export open houses into a CSV file.

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