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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Improving your real estate lead sorting options

Having trouble finding reassigned real estate leads?

Delta Media Group has added a new column in the DeltaNet showing the assigned date of all real estate website leads to help ease your search.

The 'Assigned Date' column can be found by logging into the DeltaNet, clicking the 'Leads & Contacts' tab, then the 'Processed Leads & Contacts' sub-tab.

The column is located to the right of the 'Last Activity Date' column, just before the lead 'Actions' column for agents.

The 'Assigned Date' column allows real estate agents to filter their leads by date they were assigned for easier sorting and follow-up. Real estate website admins can reassign leads when necessary, and the 'Assigned Date' column will help agents more quickly search their contacts database to find the lead they received a lead notification for.

Agents and admins using Delta Media Group's real estate lead management systems can sort their leads and contacts by when they were last logged in or when they created their lead or account, or by name, E-mail address or lead type.

The 'Assigned Date' column is the newest addition to Delta Media Group's renowned real estate lead management system, which can be set up to automatically distribute real estate leads, and allow real estate agents to sort those leads, view their customer's real estate preferences, and follow up with that customer to give him a more thorough real estate experience.

Looking to improve your online lead tracking and management? Contact Delta Media Group to see how we can help.
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