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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Inman Study: Brokers increasing recruiting, tech...Are you?

A new article on Inman News says surveyed real estate brokerages are cutting back on office staff and marketing, but increasing spending in new technologies and agent recruiting.

The Inman News article is based on a broker survey Inman conducted, and says brokers over the past year have not pushed to increase desk fees and commission splits with agents. The survey also shows 77 percent of brokers have made additions to their foreclosure/distressed properties businesses over the past year.

The article is currently behind's pay wall, so only Inman subscribers will be able to access it in its entirety. But based on the findings stated, we'd love to hear what your brokerage is doing.

Are you increasing technology spending? Are you beefing up real estate agent recruiting? Are you cutting your budget for office staff? Are you cutting marketing? What kind of marketing are you cutting, and why?

Delta Media Group has been working hard to put forward several new products, developments, and services that can help boost the business of real estate brokerages and agents. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this study, and see how we might best be able to help the real estate industry push forward.

Delta Media Group's real estate search engine optimization (SEO) service is a new product offering that has recently been successful in helping several brokerages significantly increase online traffic and real estate leads. We hope your feedback can help us better enhance this and other Delta Media Group programs and services.

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