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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Now Needed: Facebook and Twitter followers

We're trying to grow our Facebook and Twitter outreach, and we need your help!

Delta Media Group is actively building social networking communication channels through Facebook and Twitter to best serve our customers. We currently have 293 'Fans' of our Facebook page, and 309 followers on our Twitter account.

While some in the real estate industry are actively promoting the use of Facebook and Twitter as helpful online mediums, others remain skeptical. So we've assembled a few questions and answers below to best spell out our social networking intentions, and help some of the tens of thousands of agents using our real estate websites to best implement these methods if they choose.

Why Social Networks?
Social networks are quickly growing to become great resources for real estate brokerages and agents. Social networks allow brokerages to increase their brand exposure, and allow agents to build online networks of friends, family, community members and potential clients. In addition, they provide convenient communication channels, and around-the-clock access for prospects to see your profile, your business updates, and get to better know you as a person.

How will Delta Media Group improve communication through social networks?
Facebook and Twitter are excellent passive communication channels. While we don't expect agents to have time every day to check our website, read our blog, and contact our support team, most active Facebook and Twitter users check those accounts daily, and often, several times a day.

Upon checking those accounts, you might find in your time line recent news updates Delta Media Group will communicate through those channels. If you have time to read further into those updates, you can click on the corresponding link. If not, at least you're aware of the update or notice, and you can always go back to it later.

By applying similar news updates to your accounts, you can effectively keep your name and real estate website in front of prospective clients.

Can I communicate with Delta Media Group through social networks?
Please! We encourage active correspondence with our social networking accounts and blog! Have a success story? Please let us know. Have an idea on something we could develop or improve for you? We'd love to hear it! Have questions on our systems? We can help point you in the right direction.

How do I find Delta Media Group on Facebook and Twitter?
For your convenience, we've provided the easy links below:

'Fan' Delta Media Group on Facebook
Follow Delta Media Group on Twitter
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