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Monday, March 22, 2010

Mobile Broker Advantage™ now links straight to mobile site

Visitors to your Mobile Broker Advantage™ website will now immediately view the mobile website rather than being prompted if they would prefer to see the mobile or standard website.

Previously, visitors to a Mobile Broker Advantage™ website were asked if they would prefer to view a brokerage's mobile website or full website. Delta Media Group recently added a link to every mobile and standard website page, allowing visitors to easily switch between the mobile and standard websites for those brokerages that have both.

The change also provides a benefit to the usability of real estate websites with good search engine optimization.
Upon finding a listing on a search engine from a mobile Web browser in the past, visitors were prompted to choose between viewing the mobile or standard website. This added an unnecessary step to the visitor's process, which has now been removed to make the Mobile Broker Advantage™ site more usable.

An increasing number of consumers pass a home for sale, Google the address from their mobile phone and view the listing website from there. This is one of the many advantages mobile real estate websites provide over apps, which do not appear in, or link from search results.

In the nature of mobile websites, Mobile Broker Advantage™ offers a more direct real estate property search with less detailed results to better fit a mobile browser. While this is more convenient and easy to view from a mobile browser, interested consumers may choose to see full details on a standard real estate website. The link at the bottom of every page of a Mobile Broker Advantage™ easily allows them to do so.

Mobile Broker Advantage™ is a full mobile real estate website platform that works on all mobile Web browsers. Though designed to look like an app, Mobile Broker Advantage™ is a mobile website that shares your company's URL, promoting more cohesive branding. All leads from Mobile Broker Advantage™ are filtered through Delta Media Group's renowned real estate lead management system.

If your real estate brokerage has not gone mobile, you may be losing valuable sales to those that have. Check out Mobile Broker Advantage™ today, and start building your mobile real estate business.
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