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Friday, June 18, 2010

Add content pages to your lead management system with new 'Agent Resources' system

Earlier this week, Delta Media Group released our new 'Events' system.

Now, we've built an easier way for you to pass along valuable information and files to your agents.

With the new 'Agent Resources' system, added this week, brokerages using Delta Media Group's real estate website and lead management systems can add internal content pages to their DeltaNet, allowing agents to easily access important company and industry information.

Brokerage website administrators can access the Agent Resources system by logging in as an admin and clicking the 'Resources' tab. From there, admins can add new pages just like they would through the existing brokerage admin CMS (content management system, labeled in the DeltaNet as 'Pages').

Agents can access the Agent Resources system by clicking the 'Resources' tab and 'Agent Resources' sub-tab. This will give agents access to all internal pages their brokerage created for DeltaNet use.

Is your real estate website and lead management system opening doors to better streamline communication within your brokerage? If not, contact Delta Media Group for more information on how our Broker Portal™ can start improving your efficiency and ROI.
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