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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Agent statistics reporting change

The team just made some changes to the domain logging in the Delta Media Group System. These changes have not gone live yet, they won't go live until the stats server is back up and running later this week. Once they do go live we will put out a system notice explaining what has changed.

These changes will affect the following stats box on the "Stats - Your Traffic Report tab" which is on the agent side of the DeltaNet (What Domains Customers Come From):

Previously, if an agent had multiple domains such as the example above, and they were redirecting one domain to the other, we would only log the domain that was redirected to. In this example, testagent4.dmg redirects to testagent3.dmg. So when a public user would go to testagent4.dmg, they would be redirected to testagent3.dmg and we would only show/log that the public user went to testagent3.dmg. Now we will show/log the visitor as going to testagent4.dmg.

Also, we used to log every time a search engine bot hit a domain. These "bot hits" have now been removed. Because of this, the domain stats should drastically reduce. Please keep this in mind when looking at your stats and wondering why your domain stats have gone down so much. This will actually give you a better picture of the actual human traffic on your site.
Lastly, we are now storing the referrer in the domain_logging table. Although we currently do not utilize this field we will be able to incorporate which page a user came from before going to an agent domain. Please contact us at with any questions or comments on this, I know it can get kind of confusing.
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